custom racing roll cages

At Fusion Works we build roll cages and roll bars for Road Race, AutoX, Drag Racing, and off road use. Our cages are all custom built from Chromoly. Docol R8, or DOM Mild Steel tubing to match the rules of your specific organization.

Our roll cages utilize maximum engineering design for stiffness and driver safety. Unlike generic off the shelf roll cage “kits”, we custom fit the cage directly to your car as tight as physically possible. This gives the maximum amount of space between the cage and the driver’s body. This will give you the best safety in the event you need to use the roll cage.

Our roll cages will not look like most cages you are familiar with. They will fit closely to the A and B pillars. There will be no unsupported bends or “dead nodes” like other cages. They will use gussets and structural tie ins to the chassis to insure the best strength and resistance to deformation. The will not have s-bends in the door bars that will allow the bars to fail inward on the driver. They will not use unnecessary bends that can collapse in an accident.

When we build a roll cage it will not be built in a short period of time, we do not cut corners and we can’t just crank out cages like “those other shops”. In order for a cage to pass our stringent tests, we demand all joints fit so tight a piece of paper will barely fit into the joint before welding. All of our joints are cleaned, sanded, deburred, and washed with solvent before welding can begin. All joints are fully welded. You will not find a Fusion Works cage that has incomplete joints. All cages are MIG or TIG welded depending on material and customer requirements. There is no strength difference with either process when properly executed.

Our roll cages start at $5K and go up from there depending on options and materials. The reason for this page is to explain some of the process before. Roll cages take an immense amount of time to design, fabricate, and fit correctly. Even a basic custom cage can require upwards of 50+ hours to install with our top level chassis designs taking more than triple that. To properly install a cage, all interior will need to be removed, that is extra because of the labor to properly remove without damaging the plastic interior and cloth panels. Then all sound deadening, tar sheets, seam sealer, etc have to be removed in order for proper weld penetration and cage fit. When installing cage we require the race seat to custom fit the driver. At this time its best for us to build all race seat mounting structure into the chassis to support the seat and harness. Then we start with a pile of straight tubing and design each and every bend to fit the chassis. After each tube is fit and tacked into place welding can begin. Once the cage is finish welded, all joints are carefully inspected visually and with video to ensure full weld penetration around the joints. Then any window net, gussets, etc can be added. At this point the car is ready for pickup or paint work. We can paint the cage with any color you would like. We can paint with single stage or base coat clear paint. Then its time to reinstall what interior will go back and roll it on the trailer for its first trip to the track.

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